Welcome to our gallery, here you will find examples of our paintless dent removal repairs. We always aim to give 110% in every repair we do, attention to detail and perfection are what makes us stand out over our competitors. 

If you have any dents, big or small, feel free to get in touch for a free no obligation quote and bring your car back to perfection and dent free. 

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Evo 8


We had the pleasure of working on this beautiful 700hp show car which had multiple dents


Customers feedback:

"Very highly recommend DentMania to anyone thinking of getting dents removed, high end skills and a true passion for his work, I will never contact anyone else, thank you again for your top quality work"

Mitsubishi Evo 6

Tommi Special Edition

Unfortunately this owner had his cars further damaged by using a low cost PDR tech. After repairing those damaged dents, he entrusted us to repair the dents on his stunning Mitsubishi Evo 6


Customers feedback:

"Had some minor car park dings and dents removed from four cars today by DentMania after having a bad experience from a previous PDR tech. His attention to detail was over and beyond and the results were outstanding, Kostas spent the whole day here and had all the time in the world to show how he removed the dents which is an art in itself. 10/10 from us here"

Ford Focus RS

After being let down by a previous PDR repair that went wrong resulting in his dents looking worse, we was contacted to see if we could repair the damage and bring his car back to its original condition.


Customers feedback:

"I couldn't have asked for a better job to be done! He was honest, knowledgeable and perfectionist. The finished results was everything i hoped for and more. I had someone else attempt the dent but they made it worse. Kostas was not only able to fix the original dent but also teh further destruction left from the other PDR tech. I cannot recommend DentMania enough. Thank you!"


Nissan Qashqai


This customer had been informed that his dents couldn't be repaired and the only solution was to use a bodyshop to have the dents filled and resprayed. He contacted us for a second opinion and we was sure we could removed the dents 100%, maintaining the original paintwork and value of his car.



Volkswagen Golf


We are able to remove large and small dents, as we did with this Volkswager Golf, while maintaining the vehicles original paint.



Peugeot 308


We repaired multiple dents on this Peugeot 308, the worst dent was this, which had been left in a worse state by a previous PDR tech. We was able to repair the damage and the original dent. 


Customer Feedback:

"Kostas is the man. He came yesterday afternoon and removed over 20 dents on two cars and stayed until almost 10pm. One dent was a rework dent and i thought he would never get it out, but he did. Give him a try, you will not be disappointed"

Packard Super 8 Deluxe 1929


This customer searched a long time to find the best to remove some small dents on his pride and joy. Someone recommended me to him and after checking my website, the lovely reviews and examples of my work, he felt confident and contacted me to have his dents repaired.


Cadillac Deville 1959 


I was contacted by American Beauties Wedding Car Hire in Bristol to remove a few small dents on this absolutely stunning Cadillac Deville Coupe 1959.


Customer Feedback:

What a lovely professional service which is now getting extremely rare in the motor trade. Kostas is a metal magician and sorted the dent I had put in the wife’s 68 Grandland, with skills others in his trade lack. The pictures do not do this mans work justice . Also while he was here he removed a dent in the middle of the ‘hood’ in my 1959 Cadillac which had been driving me bonkers for ages all whilst dispensing tips on how to keep my pride and joy looking its best and detail the paint job I had done myself two years ago.

Highly recommended




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